Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap

The innovative coating for the all kinds of vehicle and architectural protection film with a top layer. Resistant hydrophobic properties up to one year!


Vinyl and polyurethane

More frequently in Russia different footage are used for changing the look of the vehicle, but unfortunately the manufactures have not envisaged one moment, almost all the automotive film do not possess hydrophobic properties, consequently they quickly lose a presentation during exploitation.

  In 2016 we produced a composition to the market, it is able to support operational properties of protective polyurethane and also vinyl wrap  during the whole term of their assignment with a car, building or building interior.

Vinyl Wrap  is a universal composition that possesses high hydrophobic characteristics and also ultraviolet light blockers that contributes to the preservation of vinyl car film colour and protects from yellowing ( PPF)


Everglass Vinyl Wrap – is a product made for protection vinyl and polyurethane film during their exploitation. For changing the look of the vehicle people more frequently use vinyl. A variety of color palettes + skills of installers are able to radically transform the vehicle body, but will film keep the perfect look( the old look) for a long time? Unfortunately no, because hardly anyone guarantees the efficiency of the work of protective properties promised by manufacturers if the majority of film have a top layer. Everglass Vinyl Wrap is able to increase the lifetime of any vehicle, architectural, vinyl or PPF protection films.

Vinyl Wrap gives a protection from insects, organic compounds, high-alkalinity washing compositions and also resists the emergence of spots on the surface, which is covered with a ppf or vinyl films. The problem of ageing a footage can be solved after using Everglass Vinyl Wrap. We recommend to apply 2 protective layers (with an extract between the layers 60 minutes) on a footage. In 6 hours after applying with a hydrophobic coating Vinyl Wrap the surface wiil be ready to expoitation. We have hold a number of tests with the popular footage SunTek, PPF, the optical effectafter applying a polyurethane footage increases, the surface becomes glossier, the transparency of footage increases due to the emergence a protective coating on the surface of a layer. The lifetime on the polyurethane and vinyl protection films is 6-12 months.

Компания Everglass рекомендует производить нанесение защитного покрытия Everglass Vinyl Wrap только в сертифицированных центрах, прошедших аттестацию представителем компании


  • Hydrophobic effect

    Always clean vehicle after treatment with the protective coating «Vinyl Wrap». The effect is being kept during 12 months. Theprotection films less becomes dirty , It is easier to be cleaned.

  • The Color

    The product can be used at any colors or shades, except for matte footage. It does not leave any strips after applying, the surface of films does not become murky.

  • Caring

    A treated footage keeps an amazing look since the moment of application the composition on the surface, nevertheless in case of heavy pollutions we recommend you to clean the vehicle with 2 phases.( agressive composition and hand-wash). Unlike the competitors, exploitable characteristics of the composition can be supported not only by the composition Refresh, but also by the products of outside manufacturers, such as Geyon, Ceramic Pro, Modesta, Krytex. Vinyl Wrap can be updated with even any quick-detailers, it is the easiest in caring composition at the market!

  • Economy

    A minimum discharge of composition for a one vehicle as Toyota Avalon is less than 10-13 mil compared to 18-23 mil from competitors.

  • Ultraviolet

    Everglass Vinyl Wrap contains the UV-radiation blockers. It contributes a keeping of color the vinyl footage and resists a well-known process of yellowing the paint protection film as well.

  • 1 Year

    The lifetime is one year. We recommend to apply 2 layers of the protective coating for a longer effect. Apply it only at the partnership centres marked on the web-site. Existence a certificate Everglass at the application centres guarantees a high quality of working, proves a professionalism of a performer. The company Everglass recommends to apply the protective coating Everglass Vinyl Wrap only at the certified centers tested by a representative of the company.