Everglass Diamant is an innovative protective coating based on nanodiamonds.Made for those who can afford them the best. The result of a long evolution of the detailing industry. Available only to certified application centers.


Innovation 2018

Theproductisavailableonlytoourpartners. You can discover a partner price for Everglass DIAMANT after completing the partnership questionnaire.

Everglass based on nanodiamonds differs from the usual nanoceramics by creating a protective iron tape on the auto detail’s surface that surpasses all existing protective coatings in hardness.

To the experts

  • Partnership

    Of course we will not just sell you Everglass Diamant, protective coating is made specially for detailing experts. Partnership program of a company allows access to the most secure protective coatings

  • Price

    If you want to receive actually secure and effective auto lacquer protection, you need to try to become a part of a team because we sell something bigger than a jar of fluid- we sell growth of your sales.

  • Packaging

    All the protective coatings have been sold in the original packaging for a long time, we do not sell products without boxes, beware of imitations!

  • Individuality

    Getting an opportunity to work with protective coating Everglass DIAMANT, your detailing centre automatically becomes a standard of quality of work for competitors. We trust our products only reliable companies.

  • Commercial

    We provide all the partners with promotional materials. Accommodation of the information about your centre on our website. We give you an opportunity to work with one of the best products in the line of all our production! We will tell about your success in a sphere of protective coatings.


  • Spots

    The problem of calcium settling on the car’s lacquer will not disturb you anymore, because there is everything in Everglass DIAMANT that satisfies a client.

  • Mirror reflection

    Everglass DIAMANT has a phenomenal reflection that is made on the auto body. You can notice a mirror effect already after application the first layer of protection.

  • Technology

    We have created exactly new protective coating. Technology with the use of ultra dispersed diamonds achieves an exceptional hardness, consequently increases a level of protection.

  • Scratches

    It protects the auto paintwork from small scratches that are been left by car washers while using defective materials and equipment during cleaning your auto. The hardness is 10H

  • Shine and saturation

    While treating Everglass Diamant on the car body you will be impressed by its shine! DIAMANT increases a reflection factor of sunlight from the auto paintwork.