About us

The company Everglass is founded in 2012.

We have been the manufacters of innovative protective coatings based on ceramic compounds. Protective compositions Everglass are developed by specialists- chemists with colossal experience in nanotechnology.


Being the professionals in the field of detailing, in our work we have used different protective coatings based on nanoceramics, apparently this experience let us make products that fulfilled all the requirements and quality standards. The company Everglass has started an issue of protective coatings for metal, textile, paints, aluminum, glass and leather surfaces. Our key advantages:

  • The absence of a compulsory criteria for obtaining a franchise in order to work with Everglass

  • Certification of application centers, commercial facilities, car dealerships

  • The regular updating and upgrading the product range.

  • The absence of a compulsory minimum order value.

  • The technical customer support and consulting at any time

  • The prompt shipment of goods, any form of payment


Investigating the development stages of the market of protective coatings you can notice the process of increasing requirements to products from different manufacturers by the consumer, for this reason specialists Everglass constantly upgrade the formula of compositions, thereby providing a leadership among the competitors.

The company Everglass has been actively developing the web of partners, dealers and authorized centres of application protective compounds all around the world. Honest marketing policy, free workshops, and trainings are the main advantages of our company.


Issuing premium products the company Everglass guarantees maintaince of all quality standards in production. We have been the only ones on the market who ensures the whole implementation of warranty claims in all the dealerships throughout the country.